Call Us Today to Inspect Your Bed Bug Infestation

Call Us Today to Inspect Your Bed Bug Infestation

Did you know that Charlotte is home to more than half of the state of North Carolina? It is true, Charlotte has got plenty going for it! Unfortunately, Charlotte also got lots of pests and insects! Do you have any of these unwelcome creatures in your house?

Call us today to take a look at our bed bugs problem. Our expert team will assess the situation and give you the option of a complete removal or a pest control spray. Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on blood. They are extremely small, so they are very hard to detect with your naked eye. If you notice any tell-tale signs such as brownish black or reddish spots, then you should contact us right away!

Most people who have had a bed bug infestation in Charlotte know how frustrating it can be. You are sure to run into at least a few flights of stairs, crevices, under beds and other dark places. In order to prevent your entire home from being infested, you should contact a pest control company to apply a bed bug spray. If you find yourself in Charlotte, say hello to our expert pest control heroes and we’ll see you later for your inspection.

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